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Med Plus Advantage has insurance programs designed specifically for medical students, residents and the lifespan of their careers.

Since 1992, the American Medical Association (AMA) has sponsored the Med Plus Advantage program offering group disability income coverage for Medical Schools and Resident Programs. The program was created after Student and Resident members brought it to the attention of the AMA that the then currently available disability income coverage was lacking in many ways due to the unique dynamics involved in medical education.

Examples of this uniquely tailored program are as follows:

  • $225,000 student loan payoff benefit
  • Student/Resident own occupation definitions
  • Guaranteed Disability Income conversion/continuation options
  • Global Emergency Services

AMA Insurance works with Medical Schools and Resident programs to offer this coverage directly, but mostly the program is offered through brokers who represent the institutions already. Your current agent or broker may not be aware of our program and we would be happy to work with him/her to provide the details of our program. You may very well be able to obtain significantly better coverage offered through our insurance carrier partners that is specifically tailored for medical students and residents at a more cost effective rate.

We are happy to provide a full proposal including a side by side comparison to your current program at no charge. If you have any questions pleased do not hesitate to contact us directly. 

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